8 Tips to Improve Your Cleaning Franchise Sales with a CRM that is Built for Franchising

Running a cleaning franchise is no easy task. There are so many things to manage, from the actual operations of your business, to marketing and sales. If you want to succeed in this industry, you need an effective CRM to help you stay organized and keep track of all essential information pertaining to your company.
Cleaning Franchise Business CRM

Why Does Your Cleaning Franchise Business Need a Franchise CRM?

Managing a cleaning franchise business requires a lot of work. You have to deal with franchising operations, marketing, and sales to stay competitive. This is why you must find an effective CRM system for your franchise business. This will allow you to keep track of everything necessary about your company.

Reasons a Franchisor of a Cleaning Franchise Should Use a Franchise CRM

  • Manage all franchisee information from one place.
  • Franchise software dashboards to track sales, marketing, and operations.
  • Quantify your franchisee's performance with metrics and numbers.
  • Keep your data on your franchise leads in one central location.
  • Easily monitor the success of each individual cleaning franchise you have.

Here are some reasons cleaning franchise owners need a franchise CRM system:

  • They allow you to organize all the critical information about your company in one place.
  • Analyzing customer data will help you make better decisions.
  • They provide metrics for monitoring tasks and projects so that nothing falls through the cracks. As a result, you'll always know what needs to be done.
  • Take advantage of pre-built templates, marketing automation, and more.
This style of established business model has been proven time and time again to be an effective solution.

1. Capture All The Information You Need From Potential Franchise Buyers

If franchise growth is your goal, you must do everything in your power to keep track of all available prospect information. A Comprehensive franchise management software can help you get all of the information needed to make an informed decision.
With any potential lead, you will want to keep a record of:
  • Contact Information
  • Location
  • Lead Source (i.e., Facebook, Google, in-person)
Once this is done, it's time to move forward with finding out more about your future franchisees, such as their overall goals and needs.

Your collection of data is a powerful ally that can help you predict a multitude of variables, including success rates of local marketing and franchise development.
Lead Nurturing Campaign

2. Create a Lead Nurturing Campaign for Each Prospective Franchise Buyer

Once you get the needed information, it's time to create a lead nurturing campaign for your prospects. Again, this can be done with any franchise CRM system built specifically for franchising.

These campaigns will help you stay in touch with your prospects and keep them interested until they are ready to invest. A great way of influencing this outcome can be achieved by emailing leads relevant information, providing valuable insights about your franchise business.

With the right CRM system for cleaning franchises, you will be able to create lead nurturing campaigns that are personalized and highly targeted, which means more sales!

3. Easily Share Data/Reports with Your Franchises

One of the significant challenges franchisors face is sharing information with their franchisees. With all the various ways of communicating today, it's hard to get everyone on the same page when it comes to long-distance communication.

With a CRM system built for franchise sales and franchise management, information sharing between you and your franchises becomes easier than ever.

For example, if you want all of your franchises in one region to work together on marketing activities, you can set up the resources and reports they need (such as marketing activity report) and share them with a click of a button.

With a franchise system, you can access real-time reports and data that are easily shared with all team members at headquarters.

At the same time, it enables the franchisors to share important information and updates with their franchisees quickly and efficiently, which saves them time, money, and resources.

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4. Have a Follow-up Call or Email for Every Prospect

To truly improve your cleaning franchise sales, you must ensure that every lead receives plenty of attention.

Having a follow-up call or email for every prospect may seem like too much work, but this is where a CRM system will help you manage everything in one place. Whether it's through emails, text messages, social media, or phone calls, everything is neatly organized for your convenience.

When you follow up with all of your prospects, it shows that you are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals and needs, which will increase the chances of making a sale.

5. Keep Track of Which Marketing Strategies are Working Best

Marketing campaigns are an essential part of any franchise business, especially if you want to improve sales. Without proper marketing, your cleaning franchise will find difficulty in taking off. One way to keep track of which marketing strategies are working best is through utilizing CRM software built specifically for franchising.

With this, you will see how your franchisees and employees are performing in terms of lead generation and sales conversions. You can then look at the data that has been collected from your CRM software, and decide on the best way to improve your franchisee's lead generation and conversion rates.

This will help you decide which cleaning franchises are doing well and which ones need a little more assistance, making them more productive.
Pre-Built Email Templates

6. Equip your Franchises With Pre-Built Email Templates

Another great way to improve your franchise sales is by equipping your franchises with pre-built email templates.

This saves them time and effort because they won't have to create the emails from scratch, which means your franchisees are more likely to stay happy. Using a CRM system built for franchising management makes it easy to find and share the right email templates, as well as track team performance.

7. Share Marketing Automation Workflows With Your Franchises

Marketing automation is one of the best ways to help your franchisees close more sales and increase efficiency. With franchise software, you can easily share marketing automation workflows with your franchisees, which means more sales!

By offering better communication and ongoing support, you can help your franchisees find success with marketing automation.

Additionally, it also makes communication easier between the franchisors and their franchisees, as well as other team members, which will increase productivity.
Manage Your Franchise Leads

8. Manage Your Franchise Leads Throughout The Entire Pipeline

As a franchisor, you know how important it is to manage your leads thoroughly. This means keeping track of everything from lead generation all the way up to closing deals and signing contracts.

If this isn't done correctly, it will become more difficult to gauge whether or not your leads will sign onto your cleaning franchise. So, what can you do to improve your franchise sales?

The answer lies in having a CRM system built for franchising management. This way, you can easily keep track of everything going on with your entire franchise organization, including your cleaning franchises. This allows you to find out what areas need more attention, and which will help increase the chances of making a sale!


There are many CRM options out there, but very few are specifically designed for franchise management. A CRM system built for franchising will help you streamline the process of managing each cleaning franchise. You’ll improve your lead generation and conversion rates, making it easier to communicate with all members of your team, among other things.

So if you want to improve sales in your cleaning franchise, you'll want to invest in a CRM system built for franchise management.

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