Simplify Your Lead-to-Customer Journey with Sales Pipelines

Unlock the full potential of your sales process with our intuitive Sales Pipelines. Designed to streamline each step from initial contact to final conversion. Pulse empowers your team to manage and nurture leads with ease.

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Sales Pipelines with Pulse

Why Do I Need Sales Pipelines?

In today's competitive marketplace, having a systematic approach to your sales process is not just beneficial—it's essential. Sales pipelines are the backbone of every successful sales process, providing a structured framework for your sales team to work from. By implementing a sales pipeline, you can track and manage leads more effectively, increase conversions, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Let Me Show You How It Works …

Revolutionizing Lead Management with Customized Sales Pipelines

Revolutionizing Lead Management with Customized Sales Pipelines

Sales Pipelines are designed for efficiency, they keep your pipeline clear of non-qualified leads by effectively managing prospects from first contact to qualification. This streamlined approach ensures a focused sales strategy, allowing your sales team to stay focused on qualified leads in your Sales Pipeline. Embrace a clutter-free, efficient lead management system that enhances your sales process.

Predict Future Sales with Sales Forecasting

Enhance your sales strategy with focused forecasting directly from your sales pipeline. Pulse simplifies future sales predictions by analyzing open deals within your pipeline. You gain insights into total sales projections and a weighted forecast based on the probability of closing sales at each stage. This method enables precise planning and resource allocation, helping you set realistic targets based on the deals you're currently working on.

Predict Future Sales with Sales Forecasting
Make Informed Decisions Using Insights from Deal Records

Make Informed Decisions Using Insights from Deal Records

Maintaining comprehensive deal records is essential for any sales team. These records are a treasure trove of vital information, including details about sales opportunities, activities, tasks, appointments, and notes. They also provide visibility into all email and text message interactions with all associated contacts, enabling you to send messages directly through the deal record. This centralized database is invaluable for streamlining your sales process and tracking deals within your sales pipeline.

Unlock Success Patterns by Tracking Won and Lost Reasons

Pinpoint the critical elements influencing your sales results by diligently monitoring the reasons behind successes and failures. Adopting this strategic method reveals patterns and trends, providing valuable insights to fine-tune your sales strategies. Leverage these insights to boost your performance and elevate your win rate.

Unlock Success Patterns by Tracking Won and Lost Reasons
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keep your leads, prospects, and customers organized with our easy-to-use CRM.

Email Marketing

Create email nurture campaigns, send broadcast emails, or send single email messages.

Text Message Marketing

Create text message nurture campaigns, send broadcast messages, or send single text messages.

Two-Way Email & Text Message Sync

All emails and text messages that are sent through Pulse are synced both ways (sent and inbox).

Email Builder

Create awesome-looking emails with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder.

Sales Pipelines

Create customized Sales Pipelines to manage your leads more efficiently and help increase your sales conversions.

Lead Tracking & Management

Lead tracking and custom reporting on where your leads came from, conversion rates, etc.

Personalized Quotes & Invoices

Generate quotes within seconds with our custom quoting tool.

Real-Time Reporting

Keep your leads, prospects, and customers organized with our easy-to-use CRM.

Marketing Automation

Automate your sales and marketing with our robust sales & marketing automation features.

Workflow Automation

Automate your administrative and operations tasks and save hours per day.

Create Powerful Webinar Funnels

Create powerful webinar funnels with our native StealthSeminar integration.

Appointments and Tasks

Easily create appointments and tasks to follow up with your leads or customers.


Use tags to segment your contacts and build highly customizable marketing lists.


Track all of your notes for your contacts and keep everything organized in one central location.

Form Builder

Build all of your forms for your website through Pulse, and you can also create internal forms.

Permission Control

Manage every detail of the permission that users have access to and what they can do inside Pulse.

Scarcity Timers

Add urgency and increase sales by adding scarcity countdown timers to your marketing campaigns.

Logic Links

Logic links allow you to send users to different pages based on the logic you configure.

Lead Creation via Email

Extract leads from email notifications with our Lead Creation via Email tool and trigger automated follow-ups.

Multi Account Agency CRM

Manage multiple CRM accounts under one CRM and access key analytics to make smarter decisions.

Franchise Management

Pulse for Franchises has a full suite of franchise sales, marketing, and management tools.

Project Boards

Use our fully customizable project boards to manage all aspects of your business. 

Custom Fields

Easily create custom fields to capture and organize specific data points and gain deeper insights.

Lead Pipelines

Build Lead Pipeliens that allow you to manage your leads before they become a sales opportunity.

Forecast Sales

Are you tired of guessing your monthly sales numbers? Let our sales pipelines do the work for you!

Client Pipelines

Manage your client projects more effciently with our client pipelines. Easily track all of your details and milestones.

Zapier & API Integration

Pulse offers seamless integrations with Zapier, Make & via API, granting you access to thousands of applications.

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