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Increase your ROI with Logic Links, the powerful solution for creating personalized links that dynamically redirect visitors based on your custom rules.

Pair Logic Links with Scarcity Timers to automatically send users to special offer pages when the countdown timer is active and seamlessly redirect them to expired offer pages when the timer expires, optimizing conversions and creating a sense of urgency.

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Logic Links

Why Do I Need Logic Links?

Logic Links are essential for optimizing marketing efforts by delivering personalized and targeted offers, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversions. With automated redirects, Logic Links save time and effort while driving better results and achieving business goals.

Let Me Show You How It Works …

Personalize Your Marketing Strategy with Logic Links

Personalize Your Marketing Strategy with Logic Links

Harness the power of Logic Links and streamline your marketing efforts with a single, dynamic link that intelligently directs visitors to different website pages based on your specified conditions. By configuring rules based on contact-related dates, specific dates and times, and tag-based conditions, you have the flexibility to create personalized experiences and send visitors to the most relevant web pages, all while setting up as many rules as needed to optimize your marketing strategy.

Drive Higher Conversions and ROI

Logic Links empower you to drive higher conversions and ROI by dynamically redirecting visitors to personalized offer pages based on their eligibility. By delivering tailored experiences, Logic Links ensure that your offers resonate with your audience, leading to increased engagement, conversion rates, and ultimately a boost in your overall return on investment.

Drive Higher Conversions and ROI
Maximize Results by Utilizing Logic Links Alongside Scarcity Timers

Maximize Results by Utilizing Logic Links Alongside Scarcity Timers

Boost your sales and optimize your marketing outcomes by leveraging the potent combination of Logic Links and Scarcity Timers. By harnessing this dynamic synergy, you can instill a sense of urgency that drives visitors to take swift action. Automatically guide them to exclusive offer pages when the countdown timer is active, seamlessly redirecting them to expired offer pages once the timer expires. This smart strategy ensures enhanced conversions and increased revenue, making the most of your marketing efforts.

Flexibility and Customization

Logic Links provide you with unmatched flexibility to establish multiple rules and conditions for your Logic Link. This empowering feature allows you to create meticulously personalized experiences, catering to diverse segments of your audience and amplifying the impact of your campaigns. With Logic Links, you have the power to craft highly tailored experiences that will truly resonate with your audience and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Flexibility and Customization

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Keep your leads, prospects, and customers organized with our easy-to-use CRM.

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Create email nurture campaigns, send broadcast emails, or send single email messages.

Text Message Marketing

Create text message nurture campaigns, send broadcast messages, or send single text messages.

Two-Way Email & Text Message Sync

All emails and text messages that are sent through Pulse are synced both ways (sent and inbox).

Email Builder

Create awesome-looking emails with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder.

Sales Pipelines

Create customized Sales Pipelines to manage your leads more efficiently and help increase your sales conversions.

Lead Tracking & Management

Lead tracking and custom reporting on where your leads came from, conversion rates, etc.

Personalized Quotes & Invoices

Generate quotes within seconds with our custom quoting tool.

Real-Time Reporting

Keep your leads, prospects, and customers organized with our easy-to-use CRM.

Marketing Automation

Automate your sales and marketing with our robust sales & marketing automation features.

Workflow Automation

Automate your administrative and operations tasks and save hours per day.

Create Powerful Webinar Funnels

Create powerful webinar funnels with our native StealthSeminar integration.

Appointments and Tasks

Easily create appointments and tasks to follow up with your leads or customers.


Use tags to segment your contacts and build highly customizable marketing lists.


Track all of your notes for your contacts and keep everything organized in one central location.

Form Builder

Build all of your forms for your website through Pulse, and you can also create internal forms.

Permission Control

Manage every detail of the permission that users have access to and what they can do inside Pulse.

Scarcity Timers

Add urgency and increase sales by adding scarcity countdown timers to your marketing campaigns.

Logic Links

Logic links allow you to send users to different pages based on the logic you configure.

Lead Creation via Email

Extract leads from email notifications with our Lead Creation via Email tool and trigger automated follow-ups.

Multi Account Agency CRM

Manage multiple CRM accounts under one CRM and access key analytics to make smarter decisions.

Franchise Management

Pulse for Franchises has a full suite of franchise sales, marketing, and management tools.

Project Boards

Use our fully customizable project boards to manage all aspects of your business. 

Custom Fields

Easily create custom fields to capture and organize specific data points and gain deeper insights.

Lead Pipelines

Build Lead Pipeliens that allow you to manage your leads before they become a sales opportunity.

Forecast Sales

Are you tired of guessing your monthly sales numbers? Let our sales pipelines do the work for you!

Client Pipelines

Manage your client projects more effciently with our client pipelines. Easily track all of your details and milestones.

Zapier & API Integration

Pulse offers seamless integrations with Zapier, Make & via API, granting you access to thousands of applications.


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