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Why Choose Pulse Technology

Software for Your Franchisees

Equip your franchisees with an easy to use but robust software that will help them run their business.

Robust Franchise Management Features

Manage all of your franchise locations efficiently with our robust franchise management features.

Real-time Reporting with Actionable Insights

Have a helicopter view over your entire franchise system with real-time reporting on each franchise location and your corporate office.

World Class Support

We work with you to understand your franchise system and help you get your application setup to best fit your needs and support you along the way.

Access from Your Phone

Pulse is mobile responsive, and the entire system can be quickly accessed and used on your mobile phone.

Easy to Use

Even though the system has many robust features, you'll enjoy the simplistic design and easy to use interface.

Packed with Powerful Features

Enjoy all of the powerful features to support your franchise system. Pulse has everything your franchisees will need to run their business and the features you'll need as a franchisor.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keep your leads, prospects, and customers organized with our easy-to-use CRM. Track all of your franchisee leads and customers as well.

Email Marketing

Create email nurture campaigns or send single emails and save time by using templates.

Text Message Marketing

Create text message nurture campaigns or send single text messages and save time by using templates.

Two-Way Email & Text Message Sync

All emails and text messages that are sent through Pulse are synced both ways. So you also have an inbox to manage all of your communication with leads and clients.

Lead Tracking & Management

Lead tracking for both the franchisor and the franchisees. Custom reporting on where your leads came from, conversion rates, etc.

Project Boards

Use our fully customizable project boards to have a visual overview of every type of workflow you setup in Pulse and manage your contacts directly from these project boards. You can add automation to your project boards as well.

Franchise Management

Manage all of the data you need to keep track of on your franchisees and get real-time reporting on them. Set up automated franchise onboarding processes, easily share pre-built templates and automations with your franchisees, and much more.

Assign Census Tracts

Assign Census Tracts to your franchisees to have leads automatically assigned to their account as they come in from the corporate website and setup many other automations based on this.

Personalized Quotes & Invoices

Close more sales with our customized quoting tool that allows you to add personalized videos to your quotes and help increase your conversion rates. You'll have the option to create package style quotes or itemized quotes.

Marketing Automation

Automate your sales and marketing with our robust marketing automation features. You can have fully automated sales and marketing pipelines to move your leads through the sales pipeline.

Workflow Automation

Automate much more than just your sales and marketing. You'll be able to automate many of your administrative and operations tasks as well. Automate your franchise onboarding, customer onboarding, hiring funnels, and much more.

Real-Time Reporting

Customize your dashboard with the reports that matter most to you and get real-time insights on all aspects of your franchise system. Everything from new franchise leads, conversion rates, franchisee sales, sales by region/territory and more.


Track all of your notes for contacts as they move through your sales cycle and after they become a new franchisee or a customer of one of your franchise locations. You can also add attachments to notes.


Use tags to segment your contacts out and build highly customizable marketing lists. You can even have tags automatically applied or removed as they move through your sales pipeline.

Appointments and Tasks

Create appointments and tasks to follow up with your leads or customers. Each user can also connect their Google Calendar to have everything sync both ways.

Form Builder

Build all of your forms for your website through Pulse and add workflow automation to the forms once the form is submitted. You can even create internal forms to be used for sales calls and more.

Permission Control

Manage every detail on the permission that users have access to and what they can do inside of Pulse. As the franchisor, you also have full permission control over each of your franchisees.

Affordable Pricing

You can sign up for as low as $49 per month and have access to all of the features and functionality. There's no contract, so you can cancel at any time.

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