Marketing Automation with Zapier: Automating Direct Mail Marketing

How much time do you spend sending direct mail marketing campaigns manually? If your answer is: a lot, you should look into different ways of automating that process. For example, implementing marketing automation with Zapier and different API integration apps can be a great way of automating your direct mail marketing tactics, allowing your team to focus on other essential tasks.

This blog post will discuss how exactly Zapier can be used to fully automate traditional direct mail marketing tactics!
What is Zapier?

What is Zapier, and How Does it Work?

Zapier is an online automation tool that helps you connect different web apps together. For example, you can use Zapier to connect your CRM system with other web applications that you want to be updated when specific actions happen in your CRM.

There are hundreds of different Zapier integrations (referred to as zaps) that you can use to automate direct mail marketing tactics, including integrations with web apps like Pulse, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact.

How Can I Use Zapier for Direct Mail Marketing?

Zapier allows you to connect to direct mail marketing apps that you can use for a variety of different direct mail tactics, such as:
  • Sending out personalized Birthday Cards.
  • Sending automated direct mail postcards or letters.
  • Incorporating direct mail campaigns in with your email marketing campaigns.
  • Send out thank you cards for referrals that lead to closed business.
Benefits of Using Zapier

The Benefits of Using Zapier for Direct Mail Automation

If you're looking for a way to automate your direct mail marketing, Zapier is the perfect solution. With Zapier, you can connect your direct mail tool to your CRM, email marketing platform, and more! As a result, Zapier ultimately streamlines your processes and can save you valuable time.

Here are some of the benefits of using direct mail automation with Zapier:
  • Increased Efficiency: When you automate your direct mail marketing, you'll be able to trigger new direct mail campaigns quickly and efficiently. This will help you save time and improve your response rate.
  • Greater Accuracy: Automating your direct mail marketing can also increase accuracy. Automating the process will avoid common mistakes that can lead to the wrong people receiving direct mail.
  • Increased Return on Investment: When direct mail marketing is automated, you can spend more time and money on other forms of marketing. This will increase your return on investment in the long run.
Zapier makes it easy to automate direct mail marketing through dedicated direct mail automation tools that you can connect to your CRM or other web applications. With just a few clicks, you'll be able to connect these platforms and automate your direct mail marketing campaigns.

How to Automate Your Direct Mail with Zapier

If you'd like to automate direct mail campaigns with Zapier, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Zap!

After establishing which direct mail tool you want to use, it's time to create a zap. You can do this by clicking the Create Zap button.

Step 2: Select Your First App

This will be the app that will trigger your direct mail marketing campaigns. So, for example, if you want people to receive a postcard or another piece of direct mail based on a trigger in your CRM and Marketing Automation platform, then you'll select this application first.

All you need to do is search for this application and select it. You could also use the Webhooks by Zappier app for this step.

Step 3: Choose the Trigger

Now, you'll need to choose the trigger you want to use. This will determine what will trigger the Zap and move people through this automation.

Step 4: Select Your Direct Mail App

After you've configured your first app and trigger, it's time to connect to the direct mail application that you'll be using. First, search for this app and select it.

Step 5: Choose the Action

After you have connected your direct mail app, you'll need to configure the action.

You first need to choose which action should happen when this Zap is triggered.

When configuring this action, you'll also need to choose which direct mail campaign you'll be sending.

This is also where you'll choose the data you want to pass over from your CRM application connected in the previous step, such as the person's First Name, Address, and any other information you need for the direct mail campaign.

With these steps completed, you're now ready to start automating your direct mail marketing! Click the Finish button, and you'll be prepared to begin running your digital marketing campaign.

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List of Direct Mail Marketing Companies You Can Integrate with Zapier

There are several direct mail marketing companies that you can integrate with Zapier.

Here are some of the most popular options:
  • Handwrytten - Handwrytten allows you to easily create and send handwritten direct mail campaigns.
  • Scribeless - Scribeless is another platform to send personalized, handwritten letters.
  • ignitePost - ignitePost is another service that allows you to send handwritten letters to customers and prospects.
  • - is a direct mail marketing tool that allows you to easily create and send notecards, postcards, and letters through direct mail campaigns.
  • Postalytics - Postalytics direct mail delivery is an easy direct mail automation tool that allows you to send postcards, letters, brochures, and flyers.
  • Lob - Lob provides print and mail and address verification that allows you to send personalized postcards, letters, and checks to your prospects and customers.
If you're looking for a direct mail automation tool that isn't listed here, just check the Zapier integrations page or menu search apps and search for direct mail in the Zapier app directory.

You should be able to find a direct mail automation tool that will work with your direct mail marketing needs.
Tips on Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Tips on Running Successful Direct Mail Campaigns with Marketing Automation

If you're looking to run successful direct mail campaigns with marketing automation, here are a few tips to keep in mind:
  • Segment your list: Not all of your customers are the same. You'll get better results by targeting specific segments of your audience with different direct mail campaigns.
  • Personalize your messages: Personalization goes a long way in direct mail marketing. Make sure that you personalize your direct mail campaigns by using the person's first name or other information you have available in your CRM.
  • Use trigger-based automation: Direct mail is perfect to be used in conjunction with your email marketing, lead nurture campaigns and other types of automated interactions. Direct mail can be an extra personalized touch to nudge your leads closer to becoming a customer.
  • Increase direct mail response rates: By automating your direct mail campaign, you'll be able to increase the number of contacts that respond to your direct mail, as well as decrease turnaround times by eliminating manual processes from the necessary steps in your workflow.
  • Include a call-to-action with direct mail: You should always include a call-to-action with direct mail to encourage recipients to take the desired action. This could be anything from visiting your website to calling a phone number.


Zapier is a powerful tool that can be used to automate direct mail marketing. By following the simple steps outlined in this post, you'll be able to create zaps that will allow you to send highly personalized direct mail campaigns quickly and easily. If you need help getting started, contact us today and we'll be happy to help!